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Starting New

Starting New

Jul 2, 2021

The implementation of the recent MCO has gotten to me somehow. I feel lost. I feel like a lot of moving parts in my life hasn’t been progressing the way I want it to. Honestly, I think the biggest contributor to that has to be the uncertainty of the world outside. This uncertainty also reflects back on my uncertainty towards state of my business.

Nevertheless, I am grateful that my daily routine helps soothe my worries. Doing my house chores, cooking, monitoring my kids as they sit through their online classes. It is during these periods where I carry out my routine, I take some time to ponder about my business. Ponder about why my business hasn’t be growing at the rate that some other business are. Why is it stagnating?

This is where my daughters come in. Looking at them diligently sit through their classes made me realise that it is time for me to learn and have a deeper understanding of how to improve Just Mar's. I should've have done it earlier but at  that time I was busy caring for Marisa.  I don't believe it is too late to start anything  and I feel Just Mar's deserves that.

It is an utter coincidence that my friend recommended that I sign up for Hasbul Brothers’ free webinar. And from there, I signed up for their weekly seminar. That was when I realise how little I knew about running a business.

Just Mar’s started of as something I did part time. So naturally, I dove head first when it came to running the business. No business plan, no proper marketing plan. Nothing. I just did everything on the go. Thankfully, now with the seminars I have attended, I have a proper reference for me to run my business methodically. This is the first step for Just Mar’s to become better. Be better.

Just Mar’s is starting anew. A new logo. New collections. A business with a plan. InsyaAllah this is the right path.   I am a firm believer that I must never forget the roots of this business. And the root has always been my late daughter Marisa. That is why I decided to flip through her old sketch books. And it was there was where I found her drawings. For someone who had many limitations when it came to movement, she drew really well. I immediately decided that we will go through her drawings for ideas for the new logo. I asked a favour from my friend to help extract her drawings so we could decide on one. Just Mar’s was started by her, named by her and should naturally be symbolised by her.

I have made many mistakes in the past. I thought I could go about running this business alone. But I realised after a while that nothing good can come from doing things alone. That is why I am grateful that I have a great circle around me. I reached out to friends. To family. I even managed to ‘force’ my children to help out. We need a team to strive. I’m grateful that I have that now.

I know change doesn’t occur overnight. But I am positive with the small steps Just Mar’s is taking. We are finally heading down the right path. We are growing and we want to you to grow with us. So please be part of us. Share ideas, give feedbacks, constructive criticism. Anything at all to make us better. That would be nice wouldn't it.

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