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A day before Ramadhan

A day before Ramadhan

I have been told in order to increase traffic to my website I need to blog more. The truth is I love to blog as that's always been my therapy. It's how I express myself. Anyone who knows me will know that I used to blog about Marisa. That's what I'm good at. Writing about her. After she passed, it got harder for me to blog because well it's just hard. It's a day before Ramadhan and I'm trying to do all the things I need to do in order to make more time for ibadah. It's the time for the extra points as hey, this year I turn 50. Hmmmm. That topic requires another blog.

For the past few weeks I was catching on Ramadhan hampers. 235 of them. Alhamdullilah. I had the experience of sewing and tying batik bows on jars full of Ajwa's. Iman came one day  to help me fill up the jars with dates and the rest I had to plan carefully in order to finish it on time. I needed to cut 5, 2 meters of batik into strips, 4.5 inches wide then blah blah blah. I had some maths to do. Then You Tubed the correct way to tie bows . Also, before all the batik bow happened there was so much drama in getting the jars. I'll spare you the story but it's all part of having your own business. Let me rephrase that .That's all part of having your own business and running it on your own. Alhamdullilah to it all. As stagnated as I feel Just Mar's may be  I am very blessed having my own business and being my own boss.

It has given me purpose and reason to look forward to the next day. Just Mar's becomes what I make of it. Maybe it is slightly stagnated as family has always been my priority and I don't put enough time and effort it in. All I know is that I must not stop and I must keep going. 

Eventhough I would like to slow down during Ramadhan we all know that business is best at this time. I would hope that with years I am slightly organised. I look forward to Ramadhan because I am forced to slow down. I generally do not sit still so I am looking forward to cleansing my soul and if I have neglected any duties it is the time to reconnect myself with Allah. 

My work plans this Ramadhan? I have sewn more than 100 canvas batik bags and more to go for our ole ole Raya gifts. That's the new addition this year. A canvas bag with batik pocket filled with two jars of cookies. I am still undecided as how to dress the jar up. That's a decision I shall make tomorrow. InshaaAllah. 

Few hours left before Ramadhan. I am mentally and physically preparing for it. Praying for a better change in me, my family and for all those who needs it. If anyone actually reads my blog, please accept my sincerest apologies and may we have a blessed Ramadhan.

Just as I'm about to end my blog, my mind suddenly wanders, I remember those years when it was just me and Marisa at home while the men went their terawikh. There was a different kind of bonding during Ramadhan. I do miss it.

Ramadhan. It is a special month indeed.

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