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Eshal and Taraa are the names of my friends’ daughters. I've known my friend since I was nine. We go way way back. When we had to name our first own batik collection Eshal and Taraa came to mind.

Two designs with contrasting looks.

The Eshal is our traditional batik design. It was designed for  those who are looking for batik that reminds us of what our mothers use to wear. Bunga-bunga from our Malaysian garden. 

The Taraa on the other hand is more abstract. The design is fuller and closer together giving it a more modern look. If you look closely they are designs of petals. Petals that a young child would draw. The 'youth' that is brought into our batik. 

Since simplicity is key, colours on our batik is kept to two colours per material. 
With that, explore the world of Eshal and Taraa and what we have made with them. 


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