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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Our website sales has been extremely bad. When I say bad I mean there's hardly any. Sales are generally direct or from our physical stores. I've read blogs and articles on how to improve e commerce sales and I see the importance of SEO and blogging. 

What is SEO? Search engine optimisation. Where each picture or collection needs keywords that I need to input so Google can identify and hopefully will improve improve Just Mar's ranking on Google search when you search batik apparels, batik clothing, batik bag etc. That's a lot of work right? Well ,what isn't especially since I'm a one woman business person by choice. I have to do the work. The good news is I have been including meta descriptions on my website so I pray I will see a little bump up on Google search . One thing stresses me though. This picture below. How do I change batik apron cantik under 'HOME'. Back to Googling and reserching after I write this blog.

Blogging? I used to love blogging. I'd blog about Marisa and what it was like to be with her , care for her and also how I managed the grieving period. If you have not read , the link is here . Caring for Marisa. Grab a couple of tissues.You might need it.

I'm not so good at writing anymore. I seem to run out of idea and seem to not have content to share. Of course not to mention how inconsistent I am with writing and reading to the point that I feel my ability to write is gone and all I see is badly written English. As I write i fear someone will be editing and correcting my English . The OCD part of me. I really should start writing as it was therepuetic for me. A definite outlet. 

What do people want to read about? I'm going to be boring and I'm going to tell you about me. If you already know me , hmmmmmm.. just read on . There might something about me that you might not know yet. 

I am Marhaini. Wife, mother of four (three now) but I will always say four and the founder of Just Mar's. I've been managing Just Mar's for 10 years now and I think it's the same then as it is now. Talk about bad business. No change since 10 years ago. I am to blame for that as I've always managed the business on my own and doing everything on my own. Not a recipe for growth but family has always come first and business second. That would mean on some days I do more work than some and and some days none at all. Mornings are filled with house work , cooking , ocassional yoga and work starts around lunch time. You should see me with my hair tied up high in a pony tail wearing my most comfortable batik clothes with either a  ladle or the vacuum. OK. I lie.No ladle. I have a Thermomix and I love it. After lunch is when the real grind starts and I will either be on the computer or sewing. Going through emails, checking out why website sales are so slow and trying to improve Just Mar's at the turtle speed it's been at.

Sewing days are therapy days. Trying out new things to add to the collection. I am better at sewing bags and accessories than batik clothings. Have no patience for clothing and I can only sew the one sample for my tailor to follow. That's how it's done at Just Mar's . When I say Just Mar's i mean me. It's not a good thing nor is it a bad thing. It's a choice I made. For me,I feel I am very blessed. Time for my family and time for my business albeit how small it is. A teeny bit of financial freedom and an abundance of knowledge, experience and independence. Alhamdullilah.

I think we are done with me. I hope to have some other interesting content to write next time. Do share if you have any ideas. Till then. Take care.



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